About Us

St. Athanasius School has been serving the children of the South Bronx for over 100 years. The school prides itself on providing our students with a high quality, well-rounded education, rooted in faith and attentive to individual differences. In its inclusive environment in which diversity is respected and celebrated, the students of St. Athanasius are free to flourish.

St. Athanasius offers a rigorous academic curriculum augmented by literacy coaching, field trips and the school’s recently renovated library. All students utilize iPads and other technological resources integrated into their classroom learning and visit the library once a week for research and for pleasure.  In addition to music, dance and a family science program, St. Athanasius offers a robust after-school program that provides 15 different types of activities and develops students’ interests. Students have regular access to the gym and playground to promote healthy habits and fitness.

The St. Athanasius family ensures its students grow with integrity, and leave the school prepared for high school and beyond. Our students go on to attend top high schools in the community, using the skills and values developed at St. Athanasius to forge fulfilling, bright futures.