Enroll Your Child


Students entering St. Athanasius School in fall of 2016 from a public, charter or independent school may be eligible to apply for the Partnership Network Scholarship Program (PNSP). Scholarships are offered on a sliding scale based on family size and income and can cover between 15% and 75% of the tuition. Families can submit information for scholarships when their child(ren) come to the school for their scheduled screening appointment. 

Parents will need to provide proof of all income for all members of the household, including:

- Federal 1040 tax forms showing wages or self-employment income for 2015

- Budget letter for SNAP (food stamp) benefits and/or public assistance for 2015, listing all the names in the case

- Child support or alimony received (court-ordered or a notarized letter from the non-custodial parent)

- Social Security benefits (SSI, Social Security disability, SSA) - award letter from Social Security or SSA-1099 for 2015

- Unemployment or Worker's Compensation

- Proof of other financial support (support from family or friends, foster care/adoption subsidy, etc)

Your child(ren) must be claimed on your tax return or listed in your public assistance case if you do not file taxes. If another person has claimed your child, you must provide that person's 1040 and a letter of support, if applicable.

Please contact Devki Rana at (718) 542-5161 x1 or drana@stathanasiusbronx.org if you have further questions regarding scholarship opportunities.