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Scholarship and Tuition Information

St. Athanasius strives to make a quality education available to all students by offering Partnership Network Scholarships to incoming students in Pre-K to 8th grades. The majority of our families qualify for some scholarship support and many receive the highest amount – around 75% of tuition.  At that level, your family could pay as little as $110 per month for a challenging extended academic school day, robust enrichment and after-school programs – all in a safe and nurturing environment. To learn more, click here.

Our Admissions and Development Associate can give you a close estimate of monthly payments when you visit the school. The earlier you complete the admissions process and apply for financial aid, the better your chances are for securing a scholarship for your child

Apply for a scholarship today. Call or email Devki Rana at (718) 542-5161 ext. 1 and drana@stathanasiusbronx.org to learn more.


For the 2017-2018 school year, tuition is as follows:

  • One Child (Pre-K): $4,500 ($450/month from August to May)
  • One Child (Kindergarten - 8th Grade): $4,350 ($435/month from August to May)
  • Two Children (in Pre-K & Kindergarten - 8th Grade): $7,950 ($795.50/month from August to May)
  • Two Children in (Kindergarten - 8th Grade) $6,900 ($690/month from August to May). 
  • Three Children (in Pre-K & Kindergarten - 8th Grade): $10,500 ($1,050/month from August to May)
  • Three Children (in Kindergarten - 8th Grade) $8,400 ($840/month from August to May).


Fundraising fee (per family): $200/year

This will automatically be added to your monthly payments and can be paid off through participation in fundraising events (50% of what is sold counts towards this balance).

Registration fee (paid in the spring annually to save a child's seat for the fall): $100/child

Additional fees apply for families participating in the Discovery Jr. or Discovery after-school programs, or for fees paid after the deadline stated in the school contract.

All payments must be made via check or money order - cash is not accepted.