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What impact can I make as a donor to St. Athanasius?

As a donor, you will see the direct impact your funding is making. A donor, with the help of the Advisory Board, harnesses his or her energy and expertise to help the school leadership implement its strategic goals and vision and to improve the school’s financial, academic and physical conditions. Donors determine if the school has art class, a physical education teacher, a playground or safe lighting. Donors make the greatest impact when they are engaged and creatively use their experience on the school’s behalf. In this sense, your support can transform the school for the better.

Why should I invest in St. Athanasius School?

St. Athanasius is a gem in the South Bronx. Surpassing neighboring charter and public schools in test scores and creative enrichments, the school fosters well-rounded excellence in its students. With over 85% of our students qualifying for the federally funded free lunch program, St. Athanasius acts as a platform for success for high need students. Our school has been an essential part of the community for over 100 years and its students benefit from a strong support system and nurturing environment. By investing in St. Ath, you will be investing in a bright future for deserving low-income children and you will contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty.

I’d like to make a donation to St.Athanasius. What should I do?

Thank you! Please visit our Donate page for instructions on how to contribute to the school. The school has the most flexibility with unrestricted gifts, but donors are welcome to designate their contributions to a specific purpose. Please take a look at our Funding Priorities to see what the school needs most.

I’d like to join the Advisory Board. What are the next steps?

Please contact Devki Rana to discuss your interests and commitment level in order to determine the best way to move forward. St. Athanasius is always looking for motivated people to join its family!

I’d like to get involved with the school, but I don’t have a lot of time. What should I do?

We are thrilled that you are interested in helping out our school. The way in which you contribute to the school is up to you: you can host a career day, read to a class, tutor students once a week, guide students on a field trip, etc. The students of St. Athanasius have experienced a multitude of new opportunities through the initiative and compassion of volunteers. Take a look at Ways to Get Involved for ideas and contact us to set something up.