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Fifth Grade Says NO to Smoking

Nicole and Ezinne diagnose diseases caused by smoking

The students studied the problems smoking causes and how tobacco executives target children their age so that they will have lifelong customers. Then they wrote and performed a play to demonstrate what they learned to their friends, parents, and community members. In the play, the students portrayed tobacco executives who target children by placing advertisements around their neighborhoods and showing smoking as a “cool” thing to do. The students then showed their classmates how those who were targeted by the advertising grow up to become adults ill with emphysema and cancer. With help from Mrs. Rogers, the fifth grade teacher, the students finished with an original song to the tune of “On Top of Spaghetti”.

Fifth grader Kassandra reflected, “I learned about how smoking is bad for me and how it will make me sick when I’m older.” Thank you to the Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership, Community Board 2, and ADAPP for teaching our students such a valuable lesson!