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Children Learn Positive Lessons through NED Program

The NED program uses humor to teach younger students three core lessons integrated into character building. The lessons are conveniently displayed in the program’s name. Students are taught to “Never give up,” to “Encourage others,” and to “Do your best.”  These lessons serve them well both inside and outside the classroom. The students discussed specific examples of how these lessons corresponded to anti-bullying work.

Older students watched a presentation from Officer Charles Mack of the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, Youth Services Section. Officer Mack discussed how bullying detrimentally affects students who are targeted, and that classmates and friends have the power to stop bullying by speaking up. He spoke briefly on issues of cyber-bullying for students as well. “Students need to recognize the signs of bullying and feel empowered to speak up for themselves and their peers,” said Principal Kraft. SAS thanks the NED program and Officer Mack for their presentations and helping the school to become a bully-free zone.

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