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Dinosaurs Come to Southern Boulevard

Which animal is ‘the modern dinosaur’ because of the formation of its hipbones? Step inside the Moveable Museum to find out! Thanks to a visit from the Moveable Museum program from the Museum of Natural History, SAS students in grades three through six learned about the lives of dinosaurs and held fossils in their own hands – all without stepping more than 25 feet from the school.

They learned about how paleontologists find and identify fossils, and got to act as paleontologists themselves in the exhibit. Third grader Danny said “This is the coolest bus I’ve ever been on!” The bus visited during Catholic Schools Week, a national weeklong celebration of values-driven education, and some students were featured on the local Bronx 12 news and on the Bronx 12 website in English and Spanish. Fifth grader Gabriel said, “All of the fossils looked real and it was a really fun experience.”

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