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Third Grade Visits Mummies at the Metropolitan Museum

Jennifer and Brandon show off their drawings of artifacts

Students perused the exhibit in small groups and discussed the installations with ICSF volunteers as they examined ancient Egyptian artifacts, rituals, and daily life. They visited the Temple of Dendur, a fully reconstructed temple inside the museum from the time of the Roman Empire, and saw vases, jewelry, sculptures, and even a real mummy!

Upon returning to school, the students further explored the culture and history of ancient Egypt and drew pictures of their favorite item in the exhibit.

 “My favorite part of the trip was meeting the chaperones because they were so nice,” said third grader Savannah. “I liked seeing the coffins of the mummies. I thought that it was so cool and I wanted to be in there,” added her classmate Joselyn. Thank you to ICSF and their volunteers for making this trip possible!


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